We treat each dress individually as no two bridal gowns are the same

Wedding Dress/Gown - Clean Only $209.99
Wedding Dress/Gown - Press Only $169.99
Wedding Dress/Gown - Clean & Preserve $299.99
Formal Dress/Gown - starting at $41.99

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Wedding dresses are much more important than just a dress. Your wedding gown is the most important dress you will ever wear. Whether you are cleaning and pressing your gown before the big day or restoring and preserving it afterward, our professionals will take care of your needs. We will first carefully inspect each dress inch-by-inch checking for stains, minor repairs, and any special needs your gown may have. Then, we pretreat and hand spot any stains, paying special attention to the hemline, as they are often heavily soiled. Your gown is then cleaned in our licensed Greenearth cleaning process. After the cleaning process, your dress will be carefully inspected again, making sure stains and minor repairs have been addressed. Our professionals will carefully press and hand finish your gown before returning it to you.

Prestige Cleaning Center also offers wedding dress preservation. Preservation includes the cleaning and pressing of your gown which is then carefully placed in a see-through acid-free box. Prestige Cleaning Center will preserve the elegance of your wedding dress even years after your special day. We will ensure your gown will remain as beautiful as the day you wore it for generations to come.


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