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Dry Cleaning

Here at Prestige Cleaning Center, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality cleaning solvents as well as the best and latest techniques for all your dry cleaning needs. Your clothes will actually feel softer and look brighter. This is because we do not use “perc”, the toxic chemical still used by dry cleaners today, which is harmful to you and our environment. Our GreenEarth process is a licensed product, which produces a superior dry cleaning experience. Your clothing will stay bright and clear. Whites are whiter and repeated cleanings won’t cause yellowing over time. Our GreenEarth solvent does not cause shrinkage. Your favorite garments retain their correct size and shape no matter how many times you clean them. After the dry cleaning process garments come out with very little wrinkling and no static. So they need less ironing and finishing which equals less wear and tear on your clothing. Our process is also safe and gentle on delicate care fabrics and trims, lace, wedding gowns, beads, sequins, silks, leather, suede, even rubber-backed drapes, acetate, and elastic.

Wet Cleaning

Some garments require professional wet cleaning instead of traditional dry cleaning. At Prestige Cleaning Center we offer professional wet cleaning as an alternative fabric cleaning method that uses specially formulated water-based solvents. The fabrics come out smelling even fresher and feeling softer than in traditional dry cleaning. Whites are whiter and colors more brilliant. There are no toxic chemicals used in this process. Instead specially designed biodegradable detergents and conditioners are used for wet cleaning. These additives prevent shrinkage, ensure dimensional stability, prevent pilling, and enhance the color of your garment.

There is neither hazardous waste produced nor ozone-depleting gases released into the atmosphere. Wet cleaning requires dedicated machines, products, and specialized finishing equipment to correctly and safely wet clean normally dry cleaned garments. Not all garments can be wet cleaned, but we have the experience and equipment to successfully use this cleaning process when required.

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